Little bit about Tank

My name's Tank. I'm big, I'm sweet and I'm handsome. What more could you want?

With the biggest dog comes the biggest heart! I am so ready for human or family of my own to love. Admittedly I sometimes forget my own size and strength, so it would be best for me to go home with someone who has experience with big boys like me. This is just to make sure you're not overwhelmed if I were to do something like, say, veer off on a walk to smell something interesting or get distracted by another dog. Speaking of other dogs! I think I would be best off as the only doggo in the household. Even though I have had some social walks with other doggy friends here at the RSPCA, I get a little frustrated when I don't get to play with or meet them. The thing is, I'm a bit of a doofus and the manner in which I greet other dogs and try to play with them is apparently not the most "polite" of ways to go about it.

Here's the good news: I am extremely treat motivated! If you do find that I get distracted during a walk, it is very easy to get my focus back on you. A little positive reinforcement goes such a long way! In fact, I think I'd be a great dog to suit almost any home as I am very trainable and rather intelligent. I would be a wonderful do some basic obedience training – I bet I could learn some party tricks, too!

Other than having a sook when I see other dogs and being pretty strong on a lead, the staff here at the RSPCA think I've been a perfect gentleman. Also, going back to the "I may forget how big I am" thing, it's probably best I go to a home without any little children. I am more or less a gentle giant, but I do have moments where I get excited and the bouncy puppy in me comes out. I guess we just want to make sure I don't accidentally knock anybody over.

I'm honestly a great dog with a lot of enthusiasm and so much love to give. I would love to go home with someone soon so if you think a big, handsome and affectionate boy like me sounds good, please do come say hello!

If you are interested in meeting me, please visit our website and complete an expression of interest https://www.rspcansw.org.au/what-we-do/adoptions/exceptional-owners/

-Must be only animal – no other pets

-Large dog experience

-No Children under 15

-Ongoing training

Animal ID:263144



Health Check




Age: 2 Years 4 Months

Sex: Male

Size: Extra Large

Type: Dog

Colour: Black/White

Location: Sydney Shelter

RON: R251000223

Where to find Tank

Sydney Shelter
201 Rookwood Rd

NSW 2199

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