Angel is no longer available for adoption.

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Little bit about Angel

Hi! I'm Angel! I'm a super precious girl who is so eager to please! I already know how to sit and sit up and beg! I'm a very polite girl and am just looking for that perfect home to call my own.

I'm a medium energy dog, I'd like daily outings and activities but I'm a mature girl who is fairly settled. I love water and hoses and would love a trip down to a river or the beach! Maybe not with lots of other dogs just yet, but in a quiet time I'd love it. I'm alright with some other dogs, but can be a bit picky and don't like rude dogs who rush up to me. I wouldn't love to live with another dog just yet.

My perfect home would have slightly bigger kids as fast or loud things can sometimes scare me. I'd love a lovely owner to be my best friend, a nice yard to chill out in and lots of fun toys to chew!


Must meet all Family

No Children under 12

Must be only Dog

Angel is such the sweetest girl and clearly has been a lovely family dog at some point, she's ready to get back into a home where she belongs! Come in and say Hi!

Love and Meerkat-poses, Angel

Animal ID:381368

Health Check




Age: 5 Years 1 Month

Sex: Female

Type: Dog

Colour: Tan

RON: R251000223

Where to find Angel

Phone: N/A

Opening hours are not listed.