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Miss Tea

Little bit about Miss Tea

Hi! I’m Miss Tea, I am here looking for my new home. I am a cat-choo cat. This means that I have recovered from something called calicivirus. It is like a human common cold but only for cats, so you cannot catch it off me. However if you have any felines at home, it is best if they are fully vaccinated before you bring me home to be safe.

I came to the RSPCA as a tiny kitten who had gotten lost from my mum. Sadly the staff at the shelter weren’t able to find her so I went into foster care with another kitten who came in all by themselves and we became friends.

Now that I am all big and strong I am looking for my new home. I would like a home that has time to play with me every day and give me lots of love and snuggles and help me grow up nice and strong.

I would prefer to live with another cat so I have someone to play with while you are at work, just make sure to take the introductions slowly so that we don’t scare each other.

So come see if I am the kitten for you!
Love Miss Tea xXx

Free vet consult at adoption.
Feline – Symblepharon – Stv (Medical)
Feline – Calicivirus Recovered – Waiver Only (Medical)
F.I.V, Low Risk Not Tested – Waiver Only (Medical)
Conjunctivitis – All Species – Waiver Only (Medical)
Entropian – Post Surgery – Waiver On (Medical)
Indoor only

Animal ID:495171


Domestic Short Hair

Health Check




Age: 3 Months

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Type: Kitten

Colour: Black

Location: Sydney Shelter

RON: R251000223

Where to find Miss Tea

Sydney Shelter
201 Rookwood Road

NSW 2199

Opening hours:

Animal adoptions and visitation times:
Monday to Sunday 9:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.   Closed public holidays