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Little bit about Minnie

Hello! It is so nice to meow you, my name is Minnie!

I came in to the RSPCA because my owners could no longer care for me. The staff here have fallen so in love with me because I am just the most gorgeous kitty.

I’m the most affectionate girl but I also love to play!!! Don’t be fooled! If you’re looking for a really calm kitty I’m probably not the best match for you!

I know I am 4 years old but I’m still learning my manners, sometimes mid-pat I might think we are playing and i might give you a love bite or a love scratch. It’s just cause I love you so much and want to play!

I was so lucky and I got to spend some time in a foster home! They told me to tell you some things… My foster family loved me lots, they said I made them laugh so much!! When I came into the shelter I had something called peridontal diesease. Lucky for me, the nice vets took out the bad teeth and gave the rest a good clean. To keep my teeth in tip top shape, it is best if you get me yearly dental check ups and feed me a good dental diet and dental chews. Before I came to the RSPCA I was in contact with another animal who had ringworm. Lucily the vets kept a close eye on me and I never caught it!

My favourite thing to do in my foster home was to run around the house chasing my jingle ball and throwing my toys into the air and catching them! Yes, I love toys!!!! They are like my favourite thing ever, I’ll play with them for hours and entertain myself! So if you can provide me with lots of toys, a cat tower and other fun things that would be great!!

When I’m not playing, I loved curling up in bed with my foster parents, or snuggling on the couch watching Netflix and purring the night away. I’m happy to sit in your arms at anytime of the day and receive allll the lovesss. My foster Mum said I’m like a Gemini because of my split personality! I can be so gentle & affectionate or I can be so super playful and my claws can come out! Something important to know about me is that I have tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). This is a cat only disease which is very similar to HIV. Cats like me which are positive to FIV but that doesn’t stop me from living life! If you do have other cats at home it is recommended that you take introductions very slowly and carefully to ensure we get along and do not fight. It would be best if I remain an indoor only cat for life. I have recovered from cat flu. It is very similar to what a cold looks like in humans but it is a cat only strain, so you don’t have to worry about me making you sick.. I have recovered but may show symptoms when I’m really stressed.

If I sound like the right cat for you then please, will you whisker me away from here to start my fureva life?? Head to the front counter and ask to meet me!


See you soon!
Love Minnie

Animal ID:495541


Domestic Medium Hair

Health Check




Age: 4 Year 2 Months

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Type: Cat

Colour: Tabby Tortoiseshell/White

Location: Petbarn West Ryde

RON: R251000223

Where to find Minnie

Petbarn West Ryde
927 Victoria Road

West Ryde
NSW 2114

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