Lacey is no longer available for adoption.

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Little bit about Lacey

Hello everyone, my name is Lacey

Some lovely people found me wandering the streets one day and brought me to the shelter to be cared for until my owners came to collect me, sadly, no one showed up so the staff are now going to help me choose a new family to call my own. Could that be you?

I’m still quite a young girl, not having turned 2 yet! But the staff tell me I’m already very well mannered and very sweet and cuddly. In my new home, I would like to continue my training so I can learn all the basic skills and maybe even learn some cool tricks. I can be a little shy at first so I would appreciate having someone who will take the time to get to know me and let me warm up and show my true affectionate and friendly nature.

I have met a few different dogs while in care at the shelter and I don’t mind the company for my daily walks and sometimes a bit of a play in the yard, so if you have a dog at home already, please bring them to the shelter with you so the adoption team can help me introduce myself and make sure we are going to be good friends before we go home together.
As I am still finding my confidence, I would be better suited to a home with children who are dog confident and who can give me my space when I need it, help me get comfortable in my new environment and who can show me lots of love and attention once I settle in.
My foster mum says I’ve been such fun to have around the house, she’s been helping me learn where the appropriate place for toileting is and how to sit before every meal. I prefer to have my meals out of things like slow-feeders, wobblers, kongs or even scatter feeds rather than straight from a bowl. This way I have to work for my food and it’s a great way of keeping my mind active and prevents me from scoffing my meals.

My idea of the perfect home would be a place where I can become a member of the family, I’d love to be taken on regular walks, weekend trips to the beach and tag along on all the family adventures. I’ll need a warm, comfy bed to curl up on of a night and lots of toys to keep me entertained. Really, I’m looking for a family who can show me the love and care I have missed out on in my life so far. I’d even like a spot on the couch with a warm blanket to curl up for those Netflix and chill days.
If you think I sound like the perfect match for you and your family, please do not hesitate to bring all household members to the shelter and say hello, I can’t wait to meet you all!

Love, Lacey

Animal ID:498227


Bull Terrier

Health Check




Age: 1 Year 7 Months

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Type: Dog

Colour: White/Tan Points

Location: Hunter Shelter

RON: R251000223

Where to find Lacey

Hunter Shelter
6-10 Burlington Place

NSW 2320

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Mon – Sun 9:30am – 3:30pm, Tues and Public Holidays CLOSED