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Little bit about Billy

Guinea Pigs, also referred to as Cavies, are a rodent native to South America. They are sociable animals and should not be kept alone. They often become very used to handling, especially if started at a young age. They can be very vocal animals with a wide range of calls.

A balanced diet will contain an unlimited supply of good quality fresh grass and grass hay (not Lucerne or clover hays as they are too high in protein and calcium), a measured daily amount of fortified pellets and a limited amount of Vitamin C enriched herbs, fruits and vegetables. Always have fresh clean water available. They are naturally ‘coprophagic’ meaning that they eat some of their own droppings which is normal and helpful for the bacteria in their intestines.

Some Guinea Pig coats need regular grooming and their nails may need occasional clipping. Guinea pigs do not tolerate heat very well and are vulnerable to heat stress so be careful in placement of their house especially in the warmer months.

If you would like to meet Billy, Please come in to the shelter today!

Animal ID:514101



Health Check




Age: 1 Year

Sex: Male

Size: Small

Type: Guinea Pig

Colour: White/Chocolate

Location: Hunter Shelter

RON: R251000223

Where to find Billy

Hunter Shelter
6-10 Burlington Place

NSW 2320

Opening hours:

Animal adoptions and visitation times:
Tuesday to Sunday 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Closed Mondays and public holidays