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Both caged and wild birds deserve a life that is free from stress and disease. In an ideal world, everyone would be aware of what constitutes considerate and humane treatment for birds, and we strive to educate people about the different requirements for different species.

For example, some people do not realise the commitment required for birds such as cockatoos, who can live for over 60 years and bond strongly to one person. And some farmers use inhumane methods to deal with birds such as Wedge-Tail Eagles, who they believe threaten their livelihood. Education is key for all bird and animal welfare issues.

What RSPCA NSW is doing

We received over 950 cruelty complaints regarding birds in the 12 months to June 2013, almost evenly split between pet birds and wild birds. Over 100 of these birds required rescuing, and many calls related to poor care for a pet bird.

As always, we seek to educate bird owners about the best way to care for their pet, and to shut down illegal trade in our native birds. We also work with landowners to ensure our native birds are considered when development is planned.

Safe Beds for Pets

RSPCA’s Safe Beds for Pets Program enables families to leave domestic violence situations and not fear for the safety of their pets, including birds. It offers temporary housing for pets of people who are seeking refuge from domestic violence and helps to address the link between animal and human abuse, and child protection. READ MORE


RSPCA NSW has 10 shelters that provide comfortable accommodation and the best possible care to surrendered, neglected, unwanted, sick or injured animals. Each year, tens of thousands of animals arrive at RSPCA Shelters. The RSPCA works within NSW communities to educate the need for responsible pet ownership in the aim of increasing awareness and reducing the number of unwanted animals.

RSPCA Care Centres

RSPCA Care Centres are shelter outreach facilities that includes an adoption centre and outpatient veterinary consult rooms. Their main aims are to rehome more animals in a welfare-friendly environment and educate the community about responsible pet ownership.

Volunteer Branches

Volunteer branches are the backbone of the RSPCA work in regional NSW. Each branch is run exclusively by volunteers and plays a vital role in foster care and finding permanent homes for animals, desexing programs, support, fundraising initiatives in their local community – and much, much more!


How can you help

Animals Adopt Help

Adopt a pet

The best reason to adopt your new pet from the RSPCA is not only will you be giving a new home to an animal that really needs you, but through your support, you'll be helping the RSPCA to assist many more animals that might not have a chance otherwise.

Adoptapet helps you decide on the type of pet that is best for you, and allows you to view some of the wonderful animals available at RSPCA Care Centres and shelters across NSW.

Pet Matchmaker

Looking to adopt a pet? There are dogs, cats and other pets available for rehoming at your local RSPCA shelter. SEARCH NOW.

Animals how you can help

Learn how to take care of your pet, with information on diet, health considerations, sickness, training and more.

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RSPCA has joined forces with Bendigo Bank and Mastercard to create an exciting range of credit cards that offer Australians a way to help animals in need.

Each year, over 40,000 animals turn to RSPCA NSW for help. Every donation from you is vital in rescuing and caring for them.

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