Douglas was brought to safety because of your help.

Our inspectors heard Douglas before they found him. Whimpering from inside a locked metal kennel, crammed in with his sisters, without food or water.

This case happened four years ago, but we often reflect on how lucky Douglas was that day. Lucky that a member of the public called RSPCA NSW to say they hadn’t seen the dog’s owner in a while. Lucky that Inspector Natalie did such a thorough search of the backyard. Lucky that he was pulled out, along with his sisters, and brought into our loving care.

But mostly, he was lucky to have donors like you.

Even though this story is a few years old, what happened to Douglas and his sisters is still a common story today.

Without you, there wouldn’t be a call centre to answer complaints, or an Inspectorate to investigate cruelty cases like Douglas’.

Please, donate today to help animals like Douglas tomorrow.

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