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For all other foster care enquiries in regional NSW, please enquire with your local RSPCA shelter or volunteer branch.



Become a Foster Carer

Fostering animals is an important and rewarding part of the work RSPCA NSW volunteers and staff undertake. It gives the animals in our care a wonderful start in life before they are ready to be moved on to suitable, lifelong homes.

The purpose of foster care is to give a temporary home to animals who are not well-suited to the shelter environment. This might be because they are too young or small to be eligible for adoption. They could be recovering from illness or surgery. Or they might be timid and find the shelter environment stressful. Placing these animals into foster care helps provide them with the strength and confidence they need so that they're ready to go to their forever families.

Why foster for RSPCA NSW?

Not all the animals in RSPCA NSW's care can be adopted into their forever homes straight away. Some need a little extra time and TLC. As an RSPCA NSW foster care volunteer, you open your heart and home to animals in need, and help them find their happy endings.

People become foster carers because they find incredible rewards in being part of the process that gives animals a second chance. Foster carers receive full support from us, including training and supplies, and many carers tell us about the incredible new friendships they make along the way.


RSPCA NSW truly values the incredible efforts made by our fantastic foster care volunteers. To support the work that they do, we offer training in a variety of areas.

Most people choose to become foster carers because of the emotional rewards they receive when their fostered animals find loving new homes, and sometimes the continuing friendship this will bring. Imagine your own RSPCA photo album of rehomed pets!

If you currently cannot own a permanent pet for any reason, but would love to have the company an animal provides, and help save lives, then this is for you!

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please contact our Foster Care Team by sending us an email telling us what types of animals you would like to care for, why you want to foster, which shelter is closest to you, and any relevant training and experience you have. Please include your full name and a contact phone number. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently asked questions

What types of animals need foster care?
Baby animals who are too young to be rehomed, mothers with litters, animals who require rest or rehabilitation after surgery, those with treatable medical conditions, animals who require socialisation or rehabilitation away from the shelter environment, and some animals who just need a place to temporarily call their own.

How long do animals stay in foster care?
Some animals might just be in foster care for a week. For others, it could be a few months. It will all depend on the needs of the animal. RSPCA NSW staff will always discuss an estimated time frame before the animal goes home with the foster carer.

What does RSPCA NSW provide?
Veterinary advice, medication and support; food; kitty litter; and items such as cages, crates, leads, etc.

What do the animals need from their foster parent?
A safe and secure environment, exercise, reliable transport to and from the Sydney Shelter, and lots of TLC! You don't need qualifications, formal training or experience – RSPCA NSW will help you along the way!

Can I still foster if I work full time?
Most foster animals are fine to be left alone in a secure place at home during working hours. High-care animals are sent to experienced foster carers who are able to give them that extra attention.

Ready to become a foster carer?