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RSPCA NSW can only survive because of your generous support. It costs more than $43 million annually to maintain the 10 shelters, two Care Centres and four veterinary hospitals, and to keep the 32 inspectors out on the road saving lives. Over half this amount comes from the fundraising methods outlined below. When you support one or more of these programs, you directly invest in stopping animal suffering for good.

If you are considering fundraising for us by selling or serving food, you will need to fill in the food policy agreement, which you can download above.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How we fundraise Wills


Honouring your love of animals by recognising the RSPCA in your will is a wonderful way to ensure your commitment to the cause continues long after you’ve gone. We can also help you find a lasting home for your beloved pets through our Home Ever After program so that you have peace of mind when the time comes.

How we fundraise Branches


There are numerous RSPCA Volunteer Branches that represent the organisation across the state. These branches are often located in places where we do not have a shelter. These groups, consisting entirely of volunteers, fundraise for RSPCA NSW at a local level. All funds raised go to help the animals in the local community. If you have a few hours to spare and feel passionate about the cause, please consider joining your local RSPCA Volunteer Branch.

How we fundraise street and door knocking


RSPCA NSW works with a face-to-face fundraising agency that specialises in street and doorknock fundraising. This method of fundraising is a vital way to attract regular supporters who commit a small monthly donation to the cause. All donation teams will be identified by their uniform and name badges. If you have any concerns about this, or an experience you have had, please call 1300 777 221 or email

How we fundraise telefundraising 


From time to time, you may be contacted by a telefundraising agency working on behalf of RSPCA NSW. The purpose of these calls may vary from asking you to consider becoming an Animal Advocate (regular giver) to checking on your donations or updating details. We may also sometimes call you just to say thank you for your support.

Below is a list of numbers that call on our behalf. If you have any concerns, please contact us on 1300 777 221.

  • 0736381500 – 0736381599
  • 0736136200 – 0736136299
  • 0731460700 – 0731460799
  • 0736068000 – 0736068099
  • 0736060800 – 0736060899
  • 0291882360 – 0291882369

How we fundraise Paw box


RSPCA Paws Boxes are a great way for businesses to continuously donate vital funds to the RSPCA. Why not put a Paw Box in your reception area, use it as a swear box, or simply fill it on a monthly basis to help support the animals. Simply Download the form or email for more details.

How we fundraise Raffles


Insight Charity Fundraising Services run raffles on behalf of RSPCA NSW throughout the year to help meet fundraising targets. Entries are sold over the phone and online. Tickets are sold in bundles; the most popular is four entries for $20. You can also buy 10 entries for $30, 16 entries for $40, 20 entries for $50 and 30 entries for $60. Entries above $60 are two dollars each. All raffle enquiries should be directed to 1800 183 346. Click here to purchase tickets in our latest raffle.

How we fundraise Events


RSPCA NSW holds two major fundraising events per year. 

Million Paws Walk is held in May each year. The national event attracts over 80,000 people and their dogs all across Australia, walking and fundraising to raise money for animals in need. 

Cupcake Day for the RSPCA is held in August, and encourages fundraisers to bake and sell cupcakes. They then send the donations to the RSPCA.

For more information on our major events, please call the Events Team on 9782 4494 or email:

How we fundraise Workplace giving


Workplace Giving is a simple yet powerful way for individuals to directly help animals in need. By becoming a monthly donor through your company’s workplace giving scheme, you are directly contributing to the care of thousands of homeless animals. To learn more, please call our Corporate Relations Coordinator on 9782 4491 or email

How we fundraise Team RSPCA


Are you passionate about the RSPCA and want to create your own fundraising event? Are you competing in an outdoor or sporting event and want to fundraise on behalf of RSPCA NSW? Would you like to donate your birthday or wedding gift money to help the animals? No problem. We can help you with the details, including your required fundraising authority. To find out more, please call 9782 4480 or click here.

How we fundraise Mail


Several times a year, RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman writes letters to you asking for your support to help continue our work. Steve’s letters usually feature current animal cruelty cases and rescue stories. We hope Steve’s words might move you to help us help them by donating. Read the latest appeal here.

Thanks to our latest supporters

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Justine, from Drummoyne, just donated $50.

Lend Lease constructed new animal runs at our Sydney Shelter.

@PetManiaLimited voted for us by RT'ing #EFTPOSGiveback.

Lara 'LIKED' our RSPCA NSW Facebook page.

Simon, from Nowra, registered to became a volunteer.

Janet, from Schofields, just donated $100.

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Stephanie, from Heathcote, adopted a Kelpie puppy.

Kathleen, from Crows Nest, justdonated $20.

Kathleen, from Crows Nest, justdonated $20.

Kathleen, from Crows Nest, justdonated $20.

Kathleen, from Crows Nest, justdonated $20.

Kathleen, from Crows Nest, justdonated $20.

Kathleen, from Crows Nest, justdonated $20.

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