Workplace visits

Have us come visit your team with shelter dogs!

Shake up the regular work day for your employees with an exciting visit from our shelter dogs. Our workplace experiences are educational, engaging, and fun. We can tailor our visit to suit your company’s needs, workplace environment, and team size.

You can choose from our variety of workplace visit packages:

Virtual RSPCA workplace Visit

Educational presentation & team activity

RSPCA dog visit

RSPCA expert speaker & dog visit


Not all RSPCA dogs are suitable for workplace visits. RSPCA staff will select the dogs that are behaviorally suitable for events. We will aim to bring two dogs on the day. However, there is never any guarantees.

RSPCA NSW is an operating animal shelter, and we cannot predict which animals we will have available to bring on the day. The most suitable dogs will be selected to attend.

RSPCA will only take suitable dogs that have been approved by our behaviour team to workplace visits. Events can be a stressful environment for other animals, such as cats.

Yes, there is a fee to cover the cost of resources to put on the experience. Please submit an enquiry via the form below to find out more details.

Each workplace is different. Please check with your building manager if dogs are allowed before submitting an enquiry.

Please contact us to express your interest in booking a workplace visit!

Or to find out more information including costs.