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Life is better with a cat, and what’s even better is when they are safe at home and keeping out of trouble.
It’s never been easier to protect  your furry friend and keep them from harm. Desex, microchip, harness, protect and keep your cat safe at home to avoid disease and danger.
You can protect the wildlife in your neighbourhood, and the life of the cat you love.

A cat kept safe at home will live on average 10 years longer than a cat who is allowed to roam.

Want to know HOW to keep your cat safe at home?

It can be easier and more affordable than you might think.

Old cats CAN learn new tricks!

Want to transition your cat to the safe-at-home life?

Free downloadable, vet approved resources

Enrichment: Help your cat live their best life at home

How to keep your cats safe at home

Introducing your new cat to your dog

Introducing your new cat to your existing feline family

Settling your cat into the family

Transitioning to the safe-at-home lifestyle

What your cat needs at home

Introducing your new cat to your existing feline family

Do you have a safe-at-home cat already? We love to see them!

More than 50% of cats in NSW already live safe at home… Here are just a few of them to give you some motivation and inspiration! Do you have a creative catio? Have you made the most of small space? Do you have a genius cat enrichment hack? We’d love to see them and share with our cat-loving community.

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