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It is an all too common problem. The RSPCA receives thousands of calls from concerned members of the community each and every year regarding dogs that are permanently tethered or kept in pens in backyards across the country.

While different sized animals will have different exercise needs, under new proposed guidelines dogs would be required to be given adequate daily exercise off tether our outside of enclosures. Exercise includes both physical effort and mental stimulation. This could include taking the dog for a walk when appropriate, letting the dog run freely in the backyard, playing a game with the dog or letting them explore and have social contact in a designated off leash park.

An owner’s ability to keep a dog should be thought about well before acquiring one. Choosing a breed or type suitable to lifestyle and circumstances is essential to be able to maintain these minimum standards of care. Such things as size, activity level, temperament and type all factor into an owner’s ability to meet its dog’s needs. Other factors include the costs of caring and the time it takes to provide the dog with exercise, grooming and social contact.

As all responsible pet owners would agree, these proposed minimum standards are able to be easily maintained. New standards and guidelines will formalise a national code and ensure animals receive adequate levels of care. Can dogs be safely confined by tethering? Consult our RSPCA Knowledge Base.

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How You Can Help

How you can help

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