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We understand that pets are part of the family, and provision should be made for them after you’ve passed away. 

Our Home Ever After program is a free service that will help to safeguard your pet's future.

After your death, the RSPCA will be there for your cherished dog or cat. We will collect your faithful companion, and then do everything we can to find your pet a loving forever home.

To find out more about the program, call Lisa Brennan, our Home Ever After Coordinator, on 0421 489 083.

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What is the Home Ever After program?

Home Ever After is a free service, giving you peace of mind that your pet will be cared for after you pass away. To find out about the program, simply call our Home Ever After Coordinator on 0421 489 083 to organise a meeting. At this meeting, we will explain the service and assess your pet’s suitability for the program. We can only take dogs and cats that have been desexed, microchipped and have up-to-date veterinary records.

When you pass away, your lawyer, friend or relative contacts us. We then arrive as soon as possible to collect your pet and take him or her back to the shelter. From there, we do everything in our power to find your animal a loving, forever home as quickly as possible. When we do find the perfect family, we let them know that their adoption is free of charge and made possible by you.

Does it cost anything?

The service is free. If you’re thinking of using the Home Ever After program, perhaps you might also consider leaving a gift in your Will to the RSPCA. RSPCA NSW relies on public support, with a third of our income coming from people kind enough to remember animals in their Wills. We can provide the appropriate wording to acknowledge this gift in your Will.

What happens when I die?

Once your pet has been accepted into Home Ever After, you should let your friends, family or neighbours know that you want the RSPCA to take in your animal in the event of your death. As well as a notification magnet that you can keep on your fridge, we also provide a wallet card, which you can keep with you at all times. These items have all the necessary contact information for the program.

How long will My animals be with the RSPCA after I die?

We understand that a shelter can be a stressful place for animals who are familiar with the finer comforts of a loving home. We will therefore make every effort to find your pet a new home as quickly as possible. We will also interview any proposed new owner to ensure he or she is a good match for your pet. Rest assured, we will do all we can for as long as it takes to find your pet a wonderful forever home.

Can you rehome my animals together?

If you have more than one animal, and want them to be rehomed together, you should mention this in your interview. Although we cannot guarantee this will be possible, we will do everything we can to honour your wish. In every event, we will do what we feel is best for your pets. If trying to find a new owner who can take in more than one animal involves your pets spending longer than necessary in a shelter, we would need to review the situation.

How do I register?

Call Lisa Brennan, our Home Ever After Coordinator, on 0421 489 083 or email hea@rspcansw.org.au.

Are potential owners checked out before they adopt?

Yes. It is the RSPCA's policy to conduct a thorough interview with potential owners before an adoption is approved. This is to ensure the family and animal are a good match. It also helps if the new owner brings in existing pets to check compatibility. A home visit may also be required. We may also do a follow up post-adoption check.

Why do you only take cats and dogs?

Cats and dogs are the focus of the Home Ever After program as we have the best capacity to care for them until they are rehomed. Spaces for larger animals such as horses and livestock can be limited. We do not take large birds such as cockatoos or parrots due to their long life span and difficulty in rehoming. We will consider other species on request.

What happens if my family offers to take my pet?

The Home Ever After program should be used in the event that you have not made alternative provisions for your animal’s care, so if a family member or friend has offered to look after your animal, that’s wonderful. We may sometimes recommend this option if we feel that your pet would not benefit from the program.

Why is there no clause in my Will about the program?

There is no need to include a clause in your Will about the Home Ever After program making provisions for your pet. By signing a contractual agreement with RSPCA NSW, it will be honoured. As stated, this service is free of charge. We only ask that you consider leaving a gift in your Will as a gesture of goodwill for caring for your pet and to assist us to continue our ongoing work.

If my pet needs medical treatment, will it be covered?

Whilst in our care, your pet’s medical treatment will be covered. Once adopted, this will be the responsibility of the person who adopts your pet. The new owner will receive your pet’s complete medical history and we will follow up after the adoption to ensure your pet is happy and healthy.

How You Can Help

How you can help

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