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The Chain Exchange

While many believe that correction collars, also known as check chains and choker chains, are an essential tool when training your dog, it is actually a negative form of punishment.

Known as a type of ‘aversion’ training, the collars use pain, fear or discomfort as a motivator to change a dog's actions. There is significant evidence to show that use of these chains harm our dogs, cause neck damage, and increase anxiety and aggression. Unfortunately, because the collars are cheap and long-lasting, they are a popular choice.

Reward-based training is giving the dog the power to make its own decisions to self motivate. In essence, the dog freely chooses to do what the human asks because there is something in it for them.

To access training tips, check out TANYA’S TRAINING TIPS.

what RSPCA NSW is doing

You can exchange your chain collar for a free flat collar at our Sydney Shelter, two RSPCA Care Centres and with our roving Education Team at animal events.

RSPCA staff are always available to give you free training tips. You can also watch Tanya's Training Tips online to learn how to train your dog using a flat collar.

How You Can Help

How you can help

Looking to adopt a pet? Search now for dogs, cats and other pets available for rehoming at your local RSPCA.

RSPCA Pet Insurance is affordable, flexible peace of mind for dog and cat owners all across Australia.

Every donation helps the RSPCA and its volunteers look after animals, whatever the situation.

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