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Help Us Close Puppy Factories

Puppies come from mothers who are kept in tiny cages and forced to overbreed, which can cause terrible pain and suffering. They are never patted, walked or shown love in any way; they are simply money-making machines.

One of the more obvious ways to recognise a puppy factory is by how they are selling their dogs: wholesale to pet shops, newspaper classifieds and online pet sites. They usually won't provide a street address and don't allow you to visit and view the puppies at the breeding facility. Instead, they'll arrange to meet somewhere away from the puppy factory site.


RSPCA NSW has Australia’s biggest squad of law enforcement officers dedicated to policing offences against animals. There are 32 inspectors in NSW: 17 in the Sydney metropolitan area and 15 located in regional areas around the state. Inspectors have the power to remove animals from owners who are cruel, neglectful or indifferent to their animals’ suffering. READ MORE