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Your support allows us to be ready to rescue animals like Tilly as quickly as possible. Tilly, a gorgeous Boxer pup, just wanted to play. But she couldn’t. Her leg was fractured when a car hit her. She couldn’t even put her front leg on the ground. It hurt so much.

You’d expect her to have been rushed to the vet, but she wasn’t. Tilly was left without pain relief or treatment for between 10 days to a month. During that time, her fractured leg started to heal with her paw twisted round at an angle.

When a member of the public saw her and called us, we had to move fast – to rescue Tilly and do everything possible to save her leg.

Thanks to people like you, we won that battle and, today, you’d never know Tilly had been so badly injured. And we also ensured that her owner was charged and prosecuted for leaving her in this condition. He received a heavy fine and was banned from owning animals for two years.

In recent weeks, public attention has rightly been focused on the bushfires. As well as providing relief and recovery to bushfire-affected animals, we continue our work to rescue animals like Tilly. As RSPCA NSW only receives less than two per cent government funding, we rely heavily on generous donations from supporters like yourself! If you’re able to help, we’d be very grateful.

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