RSPCA NSW runs courses about animal care and welfare for all age groups.

Animal Ambassadors

Animal Ambassadors are young people and teenagers up to 18 years old. They help the RSPCA prevent animal cruelty and keep animals out of shelters.

Becoming an Animal Ambassador is an incredible opportunity for animal lovers to share their knowledge and passion for animals. We want them to feel empowered to take action and educate others in order to improve the lives of animals everywhere.

Along the way, Animal Ambassadors in NSW will have the support of the RSPCA NSW Education Team. They can reach our Education Team via email: or phone (02) 9782 4478.

If you’d like to become an RSPCA Animal Ambassador in NSW, simply fill out the form below and wait to hear back from us! We look forward to you joining us on this new adventure as, together, we strive to protect all creatures great and small!