RSPCA NSW runs courses about animal care and welfare for all age groups.

Out of School Hours Programs

RSPCA NSW offers two Out of School Hours programs: Dog Safety and Responsible Pet Ownership. Both are highly interactive, involve student participation, and run for approximately 30 minutes.


Dog Safety

Children learn how to safely interact with dogs, covering four key messages:

  1. How to interpret dog body language
  2. Meeting a dog safely for the first time
  3. Situations where we do and do not interact with dogs
  4. What to do when encountering an unknown dog


Responsible Pet Ownership

Children are introduced to the work of RSPCA NSW, develop an understanding of what animals need, and learn about the responsibilities of owning and caring for a pet.

When booking, our Education Team can discuss any particular animal welfare topics that your child may be interested in, and any equipment we may need.


Contact Details


Phone: (02) 9782 4478