Improving animal and human welfare through education and interaction.

Youth Initiatives

Our Youth and Animals Program (YAP) focuses on enhancing both animal and human welfare through education and interaction. YAP promotes the understanding that animals can feel a range of emotions and through the exercise of learning how to read animal body language, learners will be encouraged to explore their own emotions and learn new ways to improve the lives of the animals around us.

Each of our shelter animals has a unique story! In exploring these stories of rehabilitation and new beginnings, students are inspired to recognise that positive change is achievable in their own lives as well.

Our YAP can be delivered in two distinct formats: a single, 3-hour excursion or an extended program comprising 2-hour sessions spread over four consecutive weeks. Opting for the extended version allows a more immersive and enriched experience for participants.

To learn more about our Youth and Animal Program, please email our RSPCA NSW education team at

Youth Initiatives FAQs

Please contact one of our Community Outreach Officers by emailing