Explore the work RSPCA NSW does to help animals and their owners in the community.

Community Animal Welfare Scheme (CAWS)

Our Community Animal Welfare Scheme (CAWS) addresses the overpopulation of unwanted companion animals. Our overarching aim is to have a positive impact on animal and human welfare, and to reduce the numbers of animals being euthanised in rural pounds and shelters.

The scheme offers low-cost desexing, microchipping and vaccination services in targeted regional and remote areas of NSW. These services are run in conjunction with local councils and veterinary services.

RSPCA NSW means-tests to ensure we assist the communities who are most in need. And, to ensure valuable medical resources are given to the people who require it most, pet owners will need to provide a valid Pension or Health Care Card.

RSPCA NSW knows that for many pet owners, the decision not to desex is not only affordability. That’s why CAWS also offers education campaigns to increase community awareness about the importance of desexing and other aspects of socially responsible ownership.

Community Animal Welfare Scheme FAQs

RSPCA NSW wants to ensure our programs are used to provide services to animal owners who wouldn’t be able to access them otherwise. For this reason, we require a pension card, proof of low income, or other relevant evidence.

To find out whether there is a program in your area, please contact the RSPCA Community team on (02) 9782 4478 or fill out the form below.

This can vary by area, but generally the local council, an RSPCA NSW branch and local veterinarians.