Explore the work RSPCA NSW does to help animals and their owners in the community.


The RSPCA NSW Pathways program is designed to provide direction and support to young people who are passionate about animals and animal welfare, and are experiencing social disadvantage or other hardship. Through the Pathways program, they’ll learn about opportunities in the animal care sector.


We also offer a scholarship program for the Certificate II in Animal Studies to a limited number of students.


  • Who is eligible for the Pathways program?

Any young person experiencing hardship who has a genuine interest in animals is eligible for the Pathways program.


  • Who can refer a young person to the Pathways program?

A caseworker, counsellor, parent, police youth liaison officer or youth worker can refer a young person to the Pathways program.


  • How can I get a young person involved in the Pathways program?

Please contact RSPCA NSW Community Outreach Officer Claudia Jones by emailing cjones@rspcansw.org.au


  • How can I find out more about the scholarship program?

Please contact our Training Team by emailing academy@rspcansw.org.au or phoning (02) 9782 4478.