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No animal deserves to suffer

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RSPCA NSW has seen a significant increase in reports of animal cruelty in the past year with cases becoming more complex and severe than ever before.

Your tax-deductible donation can help us continue to investigate these crimes and provide much-needed care for the victims. 

You can help us be there for the animals who need us most—the ones who have been through the most horrific experiences and have nowhere else to turn. You can not only help us care for animals in the shelter, but you can also help us work with the community supporting people to take good care for their pets—such as providing access to affordable vet services, behavioural support, as well as food and flea treatments.  

Our already-stretched resources are under immense pressure right now.  

We must be ready to help the innocent animals who need us this winter—the ones who have been hurt the most. 

Your kind gift can help fund the special loving care an animal needs until they find their forever home.

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