Please help abandoned animals like Benny this winter.

Please help abandoned animals like Benny this winter.

Your kind donation will help provide loving care as costs continue to soar. 

Little kitten Benny was found in a bag, stapled closed, with a note saying, “I am sorry but I can’t help this one.” This tiny boy was terrified and all alone in the world—too young to care for himself… Until Merilyn, one of our caring staff members, happened to discover the bag at our front door early one morning 

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Because of generous supporters, we can support a whole network of kind foster carers to take in animals like Benny—so they can have a peaceful home environment to rest until they are ready to find their forever home. One of our amazing foster carers, Jazmine, put up her hand to take little Benny into her home right away. 

Jazmine shared this beautiful update: “Benny has let his playful side out and has started playing with pom poms and any other toy he could get his paws on. Now he has learnt how good scratches and cuddles are. He’s a big cuddle bug with a loud purr and big headbutts.” 


Sadly, there are so many more animals like Benny desperately waiting for their second chance at a happy life in a loving forever home. And with the cost of living skyrocketing, fewer people are looking to adopt. It means animals like Benny might wait weeks, months, or even years for their turn. 

Our already-stretched resources are under immense pressure right now and our own costs are soaring.  

That’s why we need your urgent help.

Please donate generously towards the special care animals like Benny need this winter.

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