Animals like Cupid need your urgent help.

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    “He’s in terrible pain. He’s crying.” When a member of the public desperately asked for help, RSPCA volunteer, Christina, got straight in the car.

    The woman brought Cupid to a small vet clinic but couldn’t afford the treatment he urgently needed.  A week earlier, poor Cupid had accidentally been run over, but hadn’t received proper vet care.

    Cupid final resize

    (ABOVE) Cupid was crying with pain when we rescued him.


    Cupid was urgently transferred to our shelter in Sydney. His injuries were catastrophic – he had huge patches of raw, exposed flesh. We did not know if we could save him.

    Again and again, Cupid came into surgery. His wounds were cleaned, the skin stretched, and the dressings changed.

    Cupid second image FINAL RESIZED

    (ABOVE) Cupid had catastrophic injuries. Week after week, we dressed his wounds and gently stretched the skin until he began to heal.

    Finally, after five months in our care, Cupid was ready for his forever home, with an experienced owner who could give this little dog the love he truly deserves.

    Cupid after third

    (ABOVE) He spent two months with an experienced foster carer to get him ready to be adopted.


    It’s thanks to animal lovers like you that we can give animals like Cupid the care they desperately need after being neglected and left in pain.