Animals are spending longer in our shelters than ever before—and the cost for their care continues to rise.

Your donation can help fund the happy future that abandoned and neglected animals hope for. 

The skyrocketing cost of living has caused a significant drop in adoptions. Fewer people are choosing to adopt, not only because of the ongoing expenses of owning an animal, but also due to the current rental crisis and not being able to find a rental that allows animals. It This means our animals must wait in our shelters for longer before they can find their forever home. And we have less space to welcome new animals who need our care. 

In 2020, the average stay of a dog was 7.7 days. Then in 2022, this more than doubled to 16.5 days. And recently, this number shot up to an alarming 34.3 days. Animals are spending longer in our shelters than ever before. 

Our own essential costs have increased substantially to care for our animals. Right now, it’s costing us around $1,000 to care for just one adult dog during their stay with us—and we have over 390 dogs currently in our care. 

Your kind gift can help fund the special loving care an animal needs until they find their forever home: 

  • $30 is enough to fund a day of care 
  • $90 can fund three days of care 
  • $210 can fund a whole week of care for an adult dog in need 

The longer an animal waits in a shelter environment, the harder we must work to ease their fear and anxiety to prepare them for adoption. We will do whatever it takes to care for every animal under our roof, but we’re struggling to keep up with rising costs and longer stays 


Please show your kind heart and donate now to fund a future of love for animals in need.

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