RSPCA NSW inspectors have uncovered a shallow grave containing nine Greyhounds at the property of a licensed and registered greyhound trainer in Western Sydney.

Also on the property were 12 starving and sick Greyhounds.

Greyhound Seizure Social Landing 1

RSPCA inspectors seized the 12 surviving Greyhounds, who were suffering from various veterinary conditions, including emaciation, severe dental disease, internal parasites, fleas, pressure sores, and overgrown nails. They are currently being cared for by RSPCA veterinarians.

Greyhound Seizure Social Landing 2

Three senior and experienced RSPCA NSW inspectors spent hours digging up the shallow grave of nine Greyhounds. These Greyhounds were bred for and then discarded by the racing industry. 



Greyhound Seizure Social Landing 3

The greyhounds have since been surrendered to the RSPCA and the trainer is being investigated for alleged serious animal cruelty offences.

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