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RSPCA NSW Ivy Mobile

There is no excuse for leaving an animal in pain

Join us in making a difference in the lives of vulnerable animals this winter. Your donation can provide vital care and treatment for animals like Ivy, who suffer from neglect and abuse.

Imagine the pain and fear that Ivy experienced after being attacked by another dog. Imagine her loneliness and desperation as she waited for days without medical attention. No animal should have to suffer like this.

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But you can help us make a difference. With your support, we can provide the urgent care and complex surgeries that animals like Ivy need to heal and thrive. We’re expecting up to 3,000 more animals to come through our shelter doors this winter, and we need your help to make sure they receive the care they deserve.

Ivy’s journey to recovery was long and difficult, but with the help of generous donors like you, she made a full recovery. Your donation can make the same difference for other animals in need.

Your tax-deductible donation can provide life-saving medical treatment, treats and toys, and a warm, safe place to sleep for vulnerable animals in our care. With your help, we can give them the second chance they deserve.

Please give as generously as you can, to help save vulnerable animals in need of rescue this winter.

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