Help give animals like Mack a second chance

Mack lived a lonely, isolated life underneath a house. Homeless and scared, he had crawled his way under to seek reprieve from the cold and scary streets. No one knew he was hiding there. Not even the owner of the house. Months and months went by and Mack stayed hidden, scavenging food and water, pulling at the bits of his fur infested with mites.

After what we guess is about eight months, the owner of the house spotted Mack scurrying back to his hiding spot. Worried for Mack’s safety, the owner of the house called RSPCA NSW to assist.

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Our ambulance officers showed up to the house, knelt down and peered through a small hole. Mack’s scruffy and matted face looked back at them. He was terrified.

After much persistence, trial and error, Mack was finally brought out from under the house and into the daylight.

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Mack was rushed to the RSPCA Sydney Veterinary Hospital where his matted fur was shaved and he was given intensive flea treatment to relieve him of the excruciating discomfort. He was finally safe.

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Mack was vaccinated, desexed and given necessary dental care before eventually, finding a new, loving home. Your support helps to rescue scared and vulnerable animals and gives them a happy ending.

Will you donate today and help give dignity to thousands of lost and homeless animals like Mack?

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