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Magenta Spent 843 Days in Care

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Please help neglected animals like Magenta… who need us the most.

Your kind donation will help provide extensive care for innocent animals as costs continue to soar. 

Magenta the nine-year-old kelpie waited 843 days—more than two years—in our shelter to find a forever home of her own. This poor girl had been tied up with a short rope and left all alone, even in extreme temperatures. She was barely surviving with no one to give her the love and care she needed—until she was rescued by our inspectors. 

After everything Magenta had been through, she was in desperate need of both medical care and behavioural support—in addition to daily care, like nutritious food and a cosy bed. The extensive level of care Magenta needed is a big part of why it took such a long time for her to find her forever home—and it was only because of our supporters that we could have all hands on deck to help her. 

Sadly, long-term stays like Magenta’s are becoming more and more common here at our shelters. 

As the cost of living continues to rise relentlessly, the result is hurting animals in more ways than one:  

  1. Our adoptions have decreased as fewer people choose to adopt because of the ongoing expenses of owning an animal.  It means animals like Magenta are having to wait in our shelters for longer before they can find their forever home.  
  2. Our own costs have increased significantly to care for our animals. The cost of caring for Magenta over such a lengthy stay added up to an enormous $16,860. And Magenta is just one example of the many animals we care for, day in and day out. 

 Our shelters are under alarming pressure right now.  

Please make your compassionate donation to help ensure animals like Magenta—who have the deepest and most extensive needs—can continue to receive special care, no matter how long it takes. 

Your kind gift can help fund the special loving care an animal needs until they find their forever home.

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