Help rescue animals like Boss from shocking cruelty

A broken pelvis. A broken front leg. A broken back femur. For two days, Boss was left on a mattress without any vet care.

His owner – who claimed he’d fallen from a second-floor balcony – didn’t even call the vet after he lay in pain with his horrific injuries.

Boss image 5 scaled

Boss had no pain relief – until a visitor to the apartment saw Boss and alerted RSPCA New South Wales about the critical situation. When he was rescued, Boss couldn’t even stand with the shocking injuries on the left side of his body.

There were clear fractures to his front and back legs on the left hand side where he’d landed. His femur was broken close to the femoral artery. It could so easily have caused unstoppable internal bleeding that would have killed Boss.

Boss 1

Boss was in the Intensive Care Unit for two weeks. His front leg went into a splint.

He had surgery to fix a plate onto his femur. He then recovered in the shelter and, for three months, with an experienced foster carer.

boss at home

It was a long road, but today, Boss is living his best life with his owner, Nicola. He’s a loving dog who enjoys lots of affection, as well as runs on the beach and playing ‘fetch’.

We mustn’t ever let cruelty win. Please help save another animal like Boss, and help give them the happy, active life they deserve.

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