Poor little Taro was thrown away like garbage

If you watched the security footage from the apartment building where Taro – a sweet grey and white tabby cat – used to live, you’d see the person who was supposed to be caring for him exit his unit holding a red bag. Inside the bag was Taro.

Poor Taro was subsequently found traumatised and bruised, eight floors down, in the garbage compacter room. The cat had been thrown down the garbage chute.

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Despite the atrocious act that was committed against him, little Taro’s Guardian Angel must have been watching over him that day.

Because had the garbage compactor not been out of order on that particular afternoon, Taro would have almost certainly been seriously harmed. 

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Taro’s owner was charged with committing an act of cruelty and abandoning an animal, both of which have a maximum penalty of $5,500 and/or six months imprisonment.

While reading the fact sheet, the magistrate commented words to the effect of “This is along the lines of attempted murder.” The owner was subsequently convicted on both counts; fined a total of $1,083 and prohibited from owning any animals for two years.

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With only 2% of our funding coming from the government, RSPCA NSW relies on the generosity of supporters to keep our shelters operating, rescue animals like Taro from cruelty, and prosecute those who commit these appalling acts.


No animal deserves to be carelessly thrown away like garbage. Help us prosecute cases like Taro’s and show these hurt and broken animals all the kindness they should have had in the first place.

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