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The story of Solo and Ripley

"I saw enough to see I needed to come back with a search warrant"

RSPCA NSW Inspector Megan led the team into a property in Central NSW where she encountered terrified dogs being kept in unsafe and unhygienic conditions.

The smell was completely overwhelming. They were piles of faeces and urine. Some of the dogs were clearly sick and underweight and had to be seized immediately.

Ripley, an eight-year-old Pomeranian, was one of the animals rescued. After eight weeks in our care, she surprised us by giving birth to a single puppy, Solo.

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The suffering that improper breeding can cause doesn’t end when a dog is rescued. It may be passed on to puppies like Solo who are at high risk of inherited conditions.

Your help is needed to break the cycle of stress and ill health.

Solo had surgery twice for dental problems and once to stabilise his kneecap. Now Solo and Ripley have the loving homes they always deserved.

Your help is needed to break the cycle for animals like Ripley and Solo, to give animals rescued from shocking conditions the second chance they deserve.

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