Animals are at risk of getting left behind. Stand by them this winter.

There are thousands of animals currently in RSPCA NSW care. As the ensuing months get colder and colder, we expect more to come through our doors. These animals have nowhere else to turn, and they need to be fed, protected, sheltered and – most crucially – kept warm.

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While the world has changed so drastically and horrifyingly these past couple of months, it felt like things have stood still. For the animals in our communities, that’s certainly not the case. They still need to be treated, cared for, protected and rescued.

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Our dryers thrum all day, our heating gets cranked and our supplies of soft blankets dwindle, we need your support to make it through.

Animals across NSW urgently need your support. Please, become an RSPCA Winter Warmer and wrap an animal in kindness this winter.

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