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Even the smallest animals like Hugo need your help this winter. Please donate today.

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    Hugo's Story

    My name is Hugo. I used to have a human of my own but when I got sick, she wasn’t able to care for me so she brought me to the RSPCA. When I arrived, I weighed 280 grams. That’s the size of a small jar of vegemite. Or a can of soup. Or two large bananas. So, you can understand, I was tiny.

    I was so small and weak that I sometimes wondered if I’d be forgotten. It’s easy to overlook something little. What they didn’t know was – even though I was tiny – I have a big heart.


    Hugo page 1

    I heard words like, ‘low temperature,’ ‘skin and bones’ and ‘fungal infection’. My hair was falling out on my ears and my muzzle. It didn’t feel good at all.

    But I also felt comforted. They showered me with love and attention, and as time went on, I felt a bit stronger every day.

    Apparently, jackets don’t come in ‘Hugo-size’ so the humans at the RSPCA made me my own tiny jacket from a washcloth to keep me snug.

    Hugo page 3

    Today, I feel great and I’m big! Well, I’m bigger. I’m now 1kg – I’ve tripled in size! My coat is silky smooth and I have the energy to zoom around with my toys.

    Recovery takes longer for some of us than for others. But kind people like you make sure each of us get the attention we deserve.

    I’m so thankful for humans like you who didn’t give up on me; who showed me warmth and kindness when everything felt dark and cold. I’d give you a thousand kisses if I could!

    Please become a Winter Warmer to help keep animals like me safe and warm.