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Locating a Lost Pet

Losing your beloved pet can be devastating. You don’t know where they are, whether they’re hurt or not, or if they’ll ever find their way back home. If you have lost your pet, there are a number of things you can do to find them again, from posting fliers to contacting your local pound and animal hospital.

Everyone is familiar with the 'Lost Dog' signs that get posted around a neighborhood. This is a good starting place for anyone who’s lost a pet, as they can usually be found within a few kilometres of your house (assuming, of course, that they were at your house when they went missing). This alerts everyone in your neighborhood of what your dog looks like and how to contact you if they find him or her.

If you haven't already, consider using our Pet Reunite service, where we use our extensive animal database to search for your pet listed amoungst the stray animals. Click here to get started.


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Follow our steps below to increase your chances of being reunited with your beloved companion.

  • Make sure you keep a good quality photograph of your pet – digital photos are ideal, as they will allow you to quickly make duplicates for distribution.
  • If you don’t have photos, make a detailed description that you can distribute if your pet gets lost.
  • Make sure your pets wear their collar and ID tags at all times and have them microchipped. For most animals in NSW a microchip is a legal requirement. Keep these details handy.
  • Always have a secondary contact number on the ID tag or microchip record. If you have lost your pet because you had to evacuate during a bush fire, no one will be able to contact your home phone number.
  • If you are going away, make sure the person looking after your pet knows how to contact you and what to do if your pet goes missing.
  • Begin searching for your pet IMMEDIATELY! Do not wait in the hope that they will find their own way home.
  • Contact all animal shelters and council pounds – even the ones outside of your area. Sometimes animals wander far from home or are found by people and taken to pounds in another area. You should also contact the veterinarians in your area to see if your animal is there or if someone has left details.
  • If your pet is microchipped, contact your council and ask them to note on the Companion Animals Registry that your pet is missing.
  • Do not rely on the fact that your pet is microchipped or wearing an ID tag and that you will be contacted. Sometimes scanners will not pick up a microchip and collars are lost or removed.
  • Utilise social media - create a Facebook page or group, or alternatively post on one of the numerous Facebook lost and found pages out there.
  • If you haven't already, contact our Pet Reunite service, and we can help you look for your lost pet. Click here to visit the website.

How You Can Help

How you can help

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Every donation helps the RSPCA and its volunteers look after animals, whatever the situation.

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