What We’re Doing

RSPCA NSW is currently in the field, providing on-the-ground support in fire-affected communities in the state’s north, south and west.

Right now, our priority is ensuring no animal impacted by the bushfire crisis is suffering. We plan to continue our strong presence in these communities and ensure all those who have been impacted by the fires can rely on us to help their animals and their local wildlife.

What our bushfire relief currently looks like:

  • Providing veterinary treatment to injured wildlife and pets
  • Distributing supplies, including food, fodder, kennels, leads, medication, bowls, flea and tick treatment, cat litter, collars and more
  • Liaising with local wildlife groups to increase the number of native animals reached
  • Conducting inspector welfare checks on livestock
  • Accepting and rehabilitating surrendered animals

If you have been affected by the recent bushfires and need help from RSPCA NSW, we’d love to hear how we can offer assistance to you and your animals. Please pop an enquiry into this form here and we’ll be in touch.

As time goes on and our focus shifts to recovery and rebuilding, our donors have provided an emergency assistance fund so we can keep on providing these goods well into the future. We also plan to build a wildlife welfare program to aid in the long-term critical care of New South Wales’ native animals.

All of this work is only possible because of the wonderful and generous outpouring of support from Australia and overseas. Thank you to all our donors.

Where our funding is going

The community response to our recent work in the field has been overwhelming. Our entire organisation is blown away by the incredible support both in Australia and overseas, whether that be through hands-on help in local communities or through generous monetary donations from around the world.

As we continue our work, alongside other aid and wildlife organisations, we are committed to ensuring the money raised for RSPCA NSW has the most meaningful impact possible for all creatures great and small.

As part of our ongoing plan to address this crisis and the ongoing recovery, we will be allocating funds donated to our bushfire appeal according to a four-point plan.

1) Immediate response in communities: $1.3 million

  • Assisting at evacuation centres by providing RSPCA veterinary care to animals, supporting local veterinarians and veterinary nurses, providing supplies we have specifically sourced such as food, medication and bedding.
  • Working with wildlife rehabilitation groups such as WIRES and other local organisations to increase the amount of wildlife that is reached.
  • Accepting and rehabilitating surrendered animals from affected areas.
  • Dispatching inspectors and veterinarians to remote regions to assist with welfare checks on vulnerable animals and wildlife.

2) Emergency assistance fund: $1 million

  • Helping impacted owners and their animals rebuild their lives by offering financial assistance and goods.
  • Support includes, but is not limited to, veterinary care, emergency boarding and supplies.

3) Mobile emergency response unit and infrastructure: $1.2 million

  • Increasing our emergency infrastructure so we can respond more rapidly and effectively in disasters.
  • Investing in a mobile emergency response unit to be used as a central assistance and relief point for communities in crisis.
  • Equipping our teams on the ground with satellite phones, breathing apparatuses, specialised vehicles and other equipment to ensure their safety and improved communication abilities.

4) Wildlife welfare program: $500,000

  • Investing in long-term critical care and rehabilitation for our state’s wildlife.
  • Looking to partner with local wildlife groups to help in their efforts to rebuild.
  • Researching methods of re-establishing colonies.