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Little bit about Sam, the Rescuoodle

Howdy, it's so great to meet you, I'm Sam (the man)! I'm a handsome, playful and friendly young man looking for a place to call home.

An experienced owner is what I need, one who has had a Staffy like me would be even better but not a deal breaker. If you have knowledge about Staffies, you may just be the pawfect owner for me as I'm a typical Staffy that is boisterous and loves to use my mouth to communicate. I'd love an owner that is able to read my body language and can gauge when I need a little help to bring my excitement levels down through enrichment. Things like long lasting chews (hoofs, pigs ears, wood chews) are my favourite as well as toys!! If you can provide me with these items, I reckon we'll get along just fine. The staff have been teaching me mat settling as well to help me stay nice and calm – I reckon I'm doing pretty good at this mat settling thing, woof! Due to my boisterousness and tendency to use my mouth to communicate, it is best I go to a home with children 15 years and up so I don't overwhelm little hoomans. I'd love for my family, including children to be able to read my doggy body language to gauge when I need that extra help to bring myself down. During my time here at the shelter, I've met quite a few doggy friends and would love to meet any existing fur babies you have to ensure we will get along just fine and become the best of pals. I'd also love a yard for me to zoom around in and have an extra outdoor area where I can do my own doggy thing and relax with the family.

So if I sound like your pawfect pup, please don't hesitate to come down to the shelter to meet me or fill out this expression of interest form!


-Experienced owner with breed knowledge

-No children under 15

-Must meet all dogs

-Indoor/outdoor access

Sam’s Information

Animal ID: 554564

Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier

Age: 2 Years

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Type: Dog

Colour: Brown/White

Location: Sydney

RON: R251000223

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