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RSPCA NSW runs training programs about animal care and welfare.

Basic animal first aid (non-accredited)

This comprehensive course is an ideal introduction to emergency and first aid response in the animal care field. It is suitable for members of the public wishing to extend their knowledge to care for their own pets, as well as those people working and volunteering in the animal care industry such as animal attendants, council rangers, dog walkers, rescue groups and foster carers.

Topics covered include:

  • Recognising emergency situations involving animals
  • Identifying and minimising risks & hazards
  • Planning your response
  • Workplace health and safety
  • When advice and assistance must be sought from appropriate personnel
  • Capturing and transporting animals in a humane manner
  • Assessing the animals condition and vital signs
  • How to attend to an animal which might be suffering from shock, fractures, heat stroke, ticks, snake bites, poisons and other minor first aid situations

This course will be based on cats, dogs, birds and some common wildlife species.

Course delivery options

This course is available online or face to face. To enrol in a course please click below to select either face to face or online options.

If you have any questions, please contact training@rspcansw.org.au or phone (02) 9782 4478.

Please note that undertaking training through RSPCA NSW does not guarantee an interview for a paid or volunteer position at RSPCA NSW. You can find a list of any available positions at RSPCA NSW here.

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