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Learn how to care for your pet bird.

Veterinary Care

Birds can sometimes appear healthy despite being very ill. This is how they survive in the wild. It’s therefore important to know what is ‘normal’ for your pet. This includes how active she usually is, how she behaves and how much she eats. By knowing what is normal, it’s much easier to recognise when something is wrong.

Signs of illness can include changes in:

  • actions or natural instincts e.g., developing an ability to fly
  • appearance or posture e.g., appearing sleepy or fluffed-up
  • bodyweight
  • rate and depth of respiration
  • the amount of food or water consumed
  • the quality or quantity of droppings

These are just a few things that indicate a possible emergency, but they are not the only signs. As birds are very good at hiding signs of disease, if you notice anything wrong, take her to the veterinarian immediately.