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Discover the various ways you can support the animals in RSPCA NSW’s care.

Ways to Give

Each year, thousands of animals turn to RSPCA NSW for help. And it’s because of generous supporters like you that we can continue to care for them when they need us most.

There are a number of ways that you can help protect vulnerable animals in NSW. You could become a monthly donor to RSPCA NSW, set up Workplace Giving through your payroll, make a one-off donation, donate in memory of a loved one, or leave a gift in your Will. If you’re not able to donate money, our shelters have wish lists with items our animals are in need of. You could also fundraise for RSPCA NSW, purchase our raffle tickets, or even purchase pet insurance with us, with a portion of your fee going directly back towards helping animals in need.

However you choose to support us, your generosity makes a lifesaving difference to abandoned, neglected, sick and surrendered animals across the state. We can’t thank you enough for your belief that animals matter.

Ways to Give FAQs

Yes, any contribution over two dollars is tax deductible.

Yes. RSPCA NSW is always in need of items such as bedding, blankets, towels, toys, treats, etc. Our shelters often have wish lists with specific items they are in need of, which you can refer to here.

Several times a year, RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman writes letters to you asking for your support to help continue our work. Steve’s letters usually feature current animal cruelty cases and rescue stories. We hope Steve’s words might move you to help us help them by donating.

From time to time, you may be contacted by a telefundraising agency working on behalf of RSPCA NSW. The purpose of these calls may vary from asking you to consider becoming an Animal Advocate (Regular Giver) to checking on your donations or updating details. We may also sometimes call you just to say thank you for your support.

Below is a list of numbers that call on our behalf. If you have any concerns, please contact us on 1300 777 221.

  • 0280396190 – 0255196056
  • 0291940100 – 0488862011
  • 0736136206 – 0730879056
  • 0290034377 – 0362886803
  • 0399750156 – 0290034351
  • 0730879050 – 0362886801
  • 0280362172 – 0730879050
  • 0399750152 – 0285979209
  • 0285979236 – 0285979259
  • 0285979268 – 0285979235
  • 0285979218 – 0285979327
  • 0285979336 – 0285979204
  • 0285979344 – 0285979352
  • 0285979366 – 0285979377
  • 0285979333

You can view our donation refund policy here.

Our promise to you

Make a Difference

Your passion for animal welfare will be reflected in our dedication and hard work


You will always know the impact of your gift and will have full access to RSPCA NSW annual reports.


Your wishes and requests will be listened to and acted upon wherever possible


Your relationship and interactions with us will be based on mutual respect

Be Responsible

Your gifts will be used to fund the most vital work across the state

Protect Your Information

Your personal information has never been, and will never be, sold or traded to other charities

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How We Fundraise

Become a monthly donor and transform the lives of animals in need today.