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If something happened to you,

what would happen to your pet?

The Home Ever After Program

Safeguard your pet’s future with Home Ever After (HEA), a special offering for animal lovers who have kindly included a gift in their Will to RSPCA NSW.
Pets are cherished members of the family, so we believe that planning for their future is vitally important and a fundamental requirement for any responsible pet owner. Having a plan in place provides great peace of mind and secures the future wellbeing of your pet, should something happen to you.


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One of our HEA coordinators will call to find out basic information about your pet and then either email or post enrolment documents to you. You will be asked to tell us lots of information about your pet – all those unique details that only you would know. We then use this information to create a pet profile which we keep on file should we ever need to use it. That way, if we ever need to rehome your pet, we can do so by using the information provided by the person who knows them – you.

Once you have completed and returned the forms, we will post you several important items including a HEA wallet card – this card should be carried with you in case of an emergency. It tells the emergency services you have a pet at home who may be alone. Several other items will also be provided – all ensuring that if something happens to you, your pet will be taken into our care without delay.

Friends and family who know your pets and are in a suitable position to take on the responsibility are the best choice. If for some reason those intentions fall through, Home Ever After can act as your ‘insurance policy’ – this will ensure that you and your family have a secure second option in place should you ever need it.

Yes, if your pets enter the HEA program and are a bonded pair, we will do everything we can to honour your wishes and rehome them together.

We have a whole array of animals already enrolled in the program mainly consisting of cats, dogs and small companion animals, but the program welcomes most animals great and small. Currently we have several horses, a herd of cows, four pet sheep and some alpacas!

With exotic pets such as reptiles and parrots, we advise owners to seek help from a specialist rescue group or animal sanctuary.

There is no charge during your lifetime, this program is free when you kindly leave a gift in your Will to RSPCA NSW. Gifts in Wills help to ensure that no animal is left behind or has to go without a safe and loving home. You can be assured that your future gift will make a huge difference to the lives of so many animals in need.

Yes, you have to be over 18 and be the legal owner of your pet to enrol them on the program. However, there are no age requirements for your furry friend!

Yes, if you are interested in adopting a pet from the HEA program, please email hea@rspcansw.org.au with your name and phone number and a member of our team will respond to your enquiry. As with all our adoptions, an RSPCA NSW staff member will determine your suitability according to the animal’s pet profile, needs and requirements.

If you believe your customers and/or pet owning staff and friends would benefit from knowing about the HEA program, you can promote it by displaying the HEA brochures and accompanying poster in your workplace. Click here to request a free HEA promotional pack.

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How can we help you?

We’d be delighted to email or post you an enrolment pack, please select how you would like to receive and complete your forms.

If you would like to complete your forms online without printing and return them to us by email, please select the online option. If you prefer to print the forms at home and complete your forms by hand, please select the print option and mail the completed forms back to us. Alternatively, select the post option and we will pop an enrolment pack in the mail to you.

Any questions? Contact our Home Ever After Team

Call us on (02) 9782 4419 or email us at hea@rspcansw.org.au

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