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RSPCA NSW runs programs about animal care and welfare for all age groups.


The RSPCA NSW Education Team understands the importance of education in fostering a society that values and protects animals. To support this goal, we offer a variety of education programs and resources for children, young people, teachers, and educators.

Our team has created engaging materials, including workshops, games, and presentations, designed to build empathy, and understanding towards animals. These resources encourage young people to develop a strong sense of responsibility and respect for all living creatures.

Through our diverse education programs, RSPCA NSW envisions a future where everyone has the knowledge, empathy, and skills to ensure the well-being of all creatures, big and small.

 Are you a kid who loves animals? Find out more about keeping our feathered, furry and scaly friends safe, healthy and happy! 

Education FAQs

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RSPCA NSW Child Safe Policy
We take your child’s safety seriously and the wellbeing of children in our care will always be our priority. All children who attend our programs have a right to feel and be safe. RSPCA NSW has zero tolerance of child harm and is committed to creating and maintaining a child safe and child friendly organisation where all children are valued and protected from harm, abuse and neglect. Please read our Child Safe Policy for more information.

How to report suspected child abuse or child harm
If the child is in immediate danger call Police on 000 (triple zero)
For immediate concerns contact the police and /or the Child Protection Helpline on 132111 (open 24 hours/7 days)
To report behaviour of an RSPCA NSW employee or volunteer contact via email:
RSPCA NSW takes all reports of child harm seriously and will thoroughly investigate in line with our Child Safe Policy