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RSPCA NSW provides lifesaving rescue and rehabilitation services to animals in need.

Pet Rehabilitation Program

Dogs and cats with behavioural concerns are given every chance at rehabilitation at RSPCA NSW. Each and every dog and cat is behaviourally assessed and rehabilitated to ensure they are ready for their new life as a pet in your home.

One of our rehabilitation options includes placing dogs with selected minimum-security inmates at the Outer Metropolitan Multi-Purpose Correctional Centre. In this peaceful environment away from the shelter, the dogs receive a high level of attention and follow a training program devised by our specialty rehabilitation team until they are assessed as ready to be rehomed.

Apart from increasing the rehoming chances for the dogs, the Dog Rehabilitation Program gives approved inmates the opportunity to learn pet industry-related vocational skills. This can help them find employment after their release from custody. RSPCA NSW also provides ongoing support for the inmates who are attached to the program, giving them the ability to go on to complete nationally accredited qualifications after they have been released.

Pet Rehabilitation Program FAQs

Our Pet Rehabilitation program relies on donations from our generous supporters. If you’d like to help support our team and give RSPCA animals a better chance at finding a new home, please donate today.

The Dog Rehabilitation Program is one of several animal programs which have vocational and training components for inmates in NSW correctional centres.

The entire assessment and rehabilitation program is overseen by the Assessment and Rehabilitation Team based at the Sydney Shelter. The correctional centre is an extension of this program, and the inmates and correctional officers provide ongoing support on a daily basis.