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Heat Stress

In summer, animals need constant access to both water and shade, as heat stress can develop extremely quickly in hot weather. You pet must also always stay cool, hydrated and safe.

Here are some tips to help your pet cool down during summer:

  1. Provide extra bowls of water in case one is accidentally knocked over.
  2. Give outdoor dogs takeaway containers filled with beef or chicken stock which has been frozen overnight.
  3. Freeze half a bowl of water overnight and add half a bowl of cool water before giving it to your pet.
  4. Provide extra shade areas in your backyard using shade cloths and shade umbrellas.
  5. Let your pet play in paddling pools filled with water. Just make sure she’s always supervised.
  6. Never leave your dog in the car, even with the windows down. She could die in as little as six minutes, as temperatures in a vehicle can rise to dangerous levels, even on mild days. Leaving the windows open, parking in the shade and tinting do not help to reduce the inside temperature significantly.
  7. Always walk your dog in the early morning or late evening when it’s cooler.
  8. Ensure your pet always has easy access to shade and water throughout the day.
  9. Spray your pet bird with a mist pump spray bottle (only if she likes it!) or install a bird bath. Just make sure she’s always supervised.
  10. If you have a small cat or dog, cool a ceramic tile or oven pan in the fridge or freezer, and put it out for him to lie on.
  11. Give your pocket pet a little bag of ice wrapped in a small, wet towel.
  12. Allow your outdoor animals to come inside the house to share the air conditioning or electric fan.

If you think your pet is suffering from heat stroke, please call an RSPCA veterinary hospital or your local veterinarian immediately.