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Veterinary Care

Your dog will require annual visits to the veterinarian for vaccinations and a general health check. Doing this once a year is equivalent to you visiting your doctor once every five years. You’ll also need to treat your dog at home regularly for fleas, heartworm, ticks and worms.

It’s also important to keep your dog’s teeth clean. There are plenty of products and some dry foods that can help do this.

Remember, any changes in behaviour, defecation, drinking, eating, urination, or weight loss or gain should be checked out with a visit to the veterinarian. Today, there are many treatments available for a wide range of problems, such as arthritis and diabetes.

There are also a wide range of plants and other household products that are toxic to dogs. If you think your pet has consumed something she shouldn’t have, please contact a veterinarian immediately.

RSPCA NSW veterinary hospitals can provide veterinary care for your dog – from regular veterinary checks to specialist surgeries. A full list of our veterinary hospitals can be found here.