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RSPCA Pet Insurance

RSPCA Pet Insurance offers three levels of affordable, flexible cover for cats and dogs across Australia. Our plans provide peace of mind, covering up to 80 per cent of the cost of eligible veterinary bills when your animal is injured or sick, excluding pre-exiting conditions. Plus, there’s no excess to pay, making veterinary bills even more affordable.

What’s more, a portion of your premiums will benefit the RSPCA, and will go towards helping us protect the abandoned, injured, sick and surrendered animals in our care.

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RSPCA Pet Insurance FAQs

Absolutely. With RSPCA Pet Insurance, you have the freedom to choose any licenced veterinarian in Australia.

RSPCA Pet Insurance is offered by RSPCA Australia Incorporated, and distributed and promoted by Hollard Financial Services Pty Ltd. It is underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd and administered by PetSure Australia Pty Ltd.
The RSPCA is Australia’s most recognised and best-loved animal welfare organisation, with a history stretching back more than 140 years.

Our underwriting partner, The Hollard Insurance Company, is a member of the international Hollard Insurance Group, with 6.5 million policyholders worldwide.
PetSure is the leading Australian pet insurance underwriting manager and administrator.

RSPCA Pet Insurance covers cats and dogs.

Three incredible benefits of RSPCA Pet Insurance:

  1. Your premiums help support RSPCA animals in need.
  2. There are three affordable cover levels to choose from.
  3. We offer easy payment options.

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