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Adopt an RSPCA NSW animal and get a best friend for life.

Dogs and Puppies

By keeping us company, helping us stay fit, and becoming our best friends for life, dogs have come to be regarded as the most faithful animal companions. With more than four million dogs bringing oodles of joy to Australian homes, it’s no wonder animal lovers are looking for a loyal lifelong friend of their own.

Dogs often thrive on socialisation, making them perfect for many homes. But while adopting one can light up your life, know that it means making an earnest commitment.

Regardless of age, size and breed, regular training and veterinary care will ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy. They will also require enrichment and socialisation with both humans and other dogs.

Visit our blog and the RSPCA Knowledgebase for more information on caring for dogs. If you’re interested in noodling your way to happiness by adopting a dog of your own, check out the scores of cuddly canines available for adoption today!

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