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Toxic Plants for Pets

A number of plants are poisonous to pets. These can cause serious illness and even death in some cases. It’s therefore important to check the safety of any plants before giving your pets access to them.

You can find a list of dangerous plants here.

If you think your pet has ingested a toxic plant, it may be a medical emergency. Please call an RSPCA veterinary hospital or your local veterinarian immediately.

Cats and lilies

Lily toxicity is particularly dangerous for cats. Despite the best treatment from veterinarians, it causes many cats to die.

Asian, Day, Easter, Glory, Japanese Show, Peace, Red, Rubrum, Stargazer, Tiger and Wood lilies are all toxic to cats.

Even ingesting the smallest part of any of the lily plant may cause intoxication and death. Signs of ingestion and poisoning include depression, lethargy and vomiting. If untreated, acute kidney or renal failure may occur.

If you suspect that your cat may have ingested part of a lily and is showing signs of lily toxicity, please visit an animal emergency hospital or your local veterinarian immediately.