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What to do if you have lost or found an animal.

I’ve lost my pet

RSPCA NSW understands how heartbreaking it can be when a beloved pet goes missing. There are a number of things you can do to find your pet again, from putting up posters to contacting your local pound, shelter or veterinary clinic. Make sure your pet wears her collar and ID tags at all times, and is microchipped with your updated contact details, plus the contact details of a friend or relative.

To find out if your animal has come into RSPCA NSW’s care, please contact your local shelter here.

What can I do to find my lost pet?

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Search immediately

Don’t wait in the hope your pet will find his own way home.

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Reach out

Contact shelters, pounds and veterinary clinics – even the ones outside your area.

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Make posters

Let your neighbourhood know about your missing pet… she could be found close by!

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Use social media

Use your network, ask for help, and post on all the lost and found pages you can find.